Food Industry Partners

Each year, nearly 700 manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers, retailers and growers donate more than 22 million pounds of food to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. Food is donated to the food bank for a variety of reasons: production overruns, labeling errors, soon to expire product code dates and discontinued or obsolete products. Although the product is not marketable, it is still wholesome and safe to consume.

It’s easy to become a corporate food donor, and it makes good business sense. Regularly donating product reduces your costs associated with dumping and storage. It also may provide substantial tax benefits.

Why Choose Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin?

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin provides accountability and ensures the integrity of your product.

We can:

  • track your product from the point of origin to the actual 501(c)(3) charity that receives the product
  • ensure that your donation will reach a family in need —not the secondary market
  • recall donated product quickly and