Retail Partners

It is estimated that more than 800 million pounds of wholesome food is discarded from retail grocery stores in the United States each year. Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin partners with several retailers to ensure that food gets to families and individuals facing hunger before it reaches a point where it must be discarded. We work closely with store managers and receiving teams to sort food that is no longer shelf-worthy but is still wholesome and reserve that food for pickup by our refrigerated trucks, or directly by our member agencies.

Becoming a Retail Donor

Retailers who would like to donate excess food should contact Ross Younger, Food Resources Manager, 414-831-6335 or by email to discuss setting up a partnership.

You’re protected

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Donations Act is a federal law ensuring that donors are protected from any civil and criminal liability, as long as the product is donated in good faith. In addition, both of our food banks are AIB Compliant, ensuring that